If your order arrives (within 500 feet of your door) any later than the estimate you were given in the app, you're eligible for a refund
The maximum refund amount is $100 per order and only one refund may be claimed per day
We'll only issue a refund on eligible orders to users who request it
We'll refund money only for the orders with delivery promise announced in the app
This promotion is valid until December 7
Money for alcohol and tobacco products cannot be refunded. A coupon for future orders will be given in return for these items
Food Rocket reserves the right to change the conditions of this promotion or end it at any time
All refunds will be issued within 24 hours from the moment the refund request is submitted
- Our delivery radius is 2-2.5 miles and our warehouse is nearby
- Our warehouses and in-store operations are organized in a way that allows
our employees to grab items in just two minutes
We'll issue a refund if your order arrives late.
How do we manage to deliver so fast?
Find detailed terms and conditions below: