We are striving to increase humanity's chances of survival by shaping a culture of rational consumption and distribution of resources.
Building an on-demand delivery service as a lifestyle. Scalable, international, and sustainable with minimum CO2 emissions.
We help you save the most valuable resource - time. So that you can spend that time on more important things.
Our values
We value each of our team member's unique personalities. The one-of-a-kind combination of skills, talents, and energy adds value to the team. Each teammate brings their A-game to their work and makes their own schedule, distributing responsibilities, time, and energy. We take breaks and days off when we are tired, not according to a schedule. A well-knit team can do so much more than a few separate individuals.
We are quite transparent, genuine, and honest with each other and the world. We share both victories and fails, as well as our values, aspirations, and dreams.
We're a professional sports team. We value results above process. It's not about how many times you attempt a solution to a problem and fail, it's about finding that solution. We never stop inventing, coming up with new ideas, moving forward. There's no guarantee that if something worked in the past, it will keep working. We don't stand still. A champion invests more time and effort into what they do and ultimately achieves higher goals. Being good at this isn't enough—we strive for greatness.
If we offer it—it's the best of the simplest options. You no longer end up buying too many unnecessary things, only to then get rid of them.
We don't offer 20,000 items, instead we offer 5,000, catered to your specific needs.